Henry Patterson began his Martial Arts training in 1966 in the art of Goju -Ryu Karate. From 1985 –1996 Henry studied Isshin -Ryu Karate where he earned a Son Don (3 rd degree) Black Belt.

In 1986 Henry was introduced to Dr. Yang Jwing – Ming of www.YMAA.com ., where he began training in White Crane, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. Since 1997, Henry has not only been a student of Dr. Yang’s but a teacher of Qin Na at the YMAA Headquarters in Boston, Mass as well as various seminars across the Country featuring Dr. Yang.

From 1988 until 2000, Henry was trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu by Yip Pui (Terence Yip) of www.yipwingchun.com . He earned a teaching certificate in Wing Chun under the Ip Chun lineage.

In 2000, having relocated to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Henry began teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Wing Chun in Grayton Beach fitness center. Since this time, Henry has continued to teach both open classes and private sessions of all of his arts.

Henry is also a partner and lead instructor with Honey Badger Martial Arts located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Here Henry specializes in Tai Chi, Qigong, Chin Na and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Henry has also trained in Tai Chi Long Pole, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan –by Hsu Fun- Yuen the President of the Tai Chi Academy of Chicago –

As a Martial Arts instructor in Northwest Florida, Henry has had the Honor of training with and being associated in a bother hood of incredible Instructors including Sifu Chris Damiano, Grand Master John
Liptak, and Grand Master Joe Cayer to name a few. Occasionally, Henry is a guest Instructor at the Emerald Coast Martial Arts Academy in Fort Walton Beach owed by GM Cayer.

Henry’s passion is to teach applicable martial arts to reach a higher level of self improvement while training his student to the best of his ability.

Sifu, Henry Patterson
Awards and Accomplishments:

  • 1992 Earned Sho Dan (1 st Degree) Black Belt in Isshin -Ryu Karate
  • 1993 Earned Ni Dan (2nd Degree) Black Belt in Isshin -Ryu Karate
  • 1996 Earned San Dan (3 rd Degree) Black Belt
  • 1998 Earned a teaching certificate in Wing Chun Kung Fu under Yip Pui of the Ip Chun lineage.
  • 2012, recognized by the Shinja Martial Arts University Hall of Honors as the Life Time Achievement Award Nominee.
  • 2013 Earned Black Belt under the Eastern U.S.A International Martial Arts Association.
  • 2013 Nominated into the U.S.A International Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • 2013 recognized by the Eastern U.S.A International Martial Arts Association as the Sifu of the Year.
  • 2014 recognized by the Eastern U.S.A International Martial Arts Association as the Chin Na Instructor of the year