Women's Self Protection Weekend

December 18 - 19 from 10:30am - 3:30pm

Join us for a Women’s Self Protection Weekend Workshop

Seminar includes:
1. Various types of threats
2. Situational Awareness
3. Difference between being Paranoid and being Educated
4. Types of Predators
5. The concepts of
A. Avoidance – learning where, when and how a situation can or will occur
B. De-Escalation – When the threat has made contact or you have become aware of the threat and your last option, before it goes bad, is to convince the Threat to take another way.
C. Control – when we are talking about control we must look at several versions of control.

Participants will learn hands-on techniques including but not limited to:

1. Strikes – punches, palm heel strikes, finger thrusts, elbows

2. Escapes from – Same side grabs, Cross side grabs, upward and downward grabs, single and double handed chokes, ect..

3. Blocks – Slap Block, Wing Arm Block, Palm up Block, Punch Block ect…

4. Counter Attacks based on D.A.T. (distance, angle, timing) Progressions of movement

5. Kicks – Foot, Shin, Knees, foot work

6. Situational Drills – weapons, keys, possessions, groceries ect…

7. Cars and Car doors

8. Gauntlet Drill – recap.


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~ Namaste


Laura Bailey

My life is filled with love & happiness. I want to inspire my students to do the same.
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Shannon Kramolis

My class motto is “You Belong Here” because yoga is for everyone who is willing to show up and breathe.
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Why Studio Thirty A Is Your hOMe

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Understanding the journey with us. Our studio is your yoga hOMe whether you are visiting 30A for the first time or the thousandth time! Our yoga haven we have created is your peaceful oasis to practice in. This bright shiny studio and our clean facility is your yoga gallery to let yourself shine from the inside out! Our yoga community is filled with love and friendship, laughter and breath, meditation and sweat! Come be a part of our beautiful energy! Your presence and your glowing spirit are welcome here!


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“Happiness comes when your work and words are a benefit to yourself and others“- Buddha

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Come be a part of our beautiful energy! Your presence and your glowing spirit are welcome here!