Laura’s Yoga Background:

When I stepped onto my first yoga mat 25 years ago it was not just a class, it was a calling. A calling to come home to a place of movement, breath, soul, peace, and beauty.

I wake up every day excited to share my eclectic blend of sequencing with my students, it is my passion and my life’s work.

Laura’s Yoga Philosophy:

I love all styles of yoga blended into the art we produce on our mats! My students are my inspiration – always! My growth and dedication as a teacher has never waivered and I love sharing my passion for THE ART OF YOGA.

I love to laugh in my class so the body and spirit can feel light!
My yoga practice is one of en”light”enment and a focus on what our energy says about us. It is a reminder that happiness is our choice!
I don’t teach or lead posing, I teach movement and energy. It is my hope that each student feels the freedom, creativity and openness explored on our mats in every moment of every day. My journey, purpose and joy comes from watching students find their own light, freedom, inner beauty and truth.
If you can breathe then yoga is for you! If you can laugh and have a positive attitude then my class is for you.

Thank you for your support, your courage and your beauty all these years and may we share many more together. Follow me on instagram and facebook.

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