Meet Our Team

Laura Bailey
Laura bailey is a long-time yoga teacher who studied in indonesia with some of the best teachers in the world.
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Shannon Kramolis
My class motto is “You Belong Here” because yoga is truly for any and everyone who is willing to show up and breathe.
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Get inspired and sweaty through Vinyasa-style yoga. All levels of yoga are welcome and encouraged.
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Caitlin was introduced to yoga in 2013 in a corporate environment. She instantly fell in love with the ability to take yoga off the mat and back into her day. 
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Lots of Ways To Stay Fit at Studio Thirty A

Studio Thirty A is a space for all those who want to enrich their leisure time with daily exercise that elevate the body and mind to a higher level. We will try to share with you ways to enriche your life with healthy habits, creating daily and weekly routines. It is important to understand why staying active is so critical to our longevity. In addition to the Vinyasa Yoga classes we offer in our new fitness & wellness studio, you can find specific classes for different types of yoga and other practices. We hope the variety of instruction offered will open up new opportunities for you and launch some new physical experiences.

Studio Thirty A has fantastic instructors who hold the following classes:


We offer a variety of classes to help you find what’s best for you.

Private yoga classes give the opportunity to fully adapt the exercise program to the psychophysical needs as well as the character and desires of the practitioner. Private yoga classes are useful for people who cannot exercise effectively in a group due to health issues. When we talk about appointments for individual lessons, we always try to meet the practitioners and be as flexible as possible so that the classes are held when it suits you.

Women’s Protection Classes have been developed over several months in collaboration with a large number of people in the martial arts world. Different experiences have given us a direction in which to think about taking classes.

The Yoga program for children is designed so that children adopt the proper breathing pattern, gradually learn the right way to enter, retain and leave their positions, safely master and understand the basic positions of yoga. In these classes, children will learn how and where to keep their attention while exercising, how to play with their limitations, and how to relax at the end of the class.

Yoga classes at Studio Thirty A are adaptable for all ages 8 to 108. In addition to the standard exercises, we also offer yoga exercises for two, yoga exercises for pregnant women, as well as various meditation exercises. If you want to see the class schedule at Studio Thirty A, click here. The longest part of every hour in our studio is about taking on numerous yoga postures that engage the whole body, even those muscles we didn’t even know existed. Exercise yoga is a very serious exercise on the physical plane, which has the effect of regulating weight and improving physical appearance.

Information about the instructors at Thirty A Studio can be found here.