Tai Chi/Qigong


$100 per month


The Tai-chi and Qigong 6 week program. Class meets every Tuesday from 7-8 pm from March 3 – April 7

Lecture/talk will include:

  1. Introduction into Tai-chi and Qigong History and Concepts.
  2. Dr. Yang Warm up exercise for health
  3. The Eight Pieces of Brocade – Qigong Practice focusing on breath work and each physical movement
  4. Tai Chi Walking
  5. Understand terminology of 8 energies of the 13 postures
  6. Introduction of the Yang Short Form of Tai-chi

This is a lot to cover in the 6 week program and will give the participant an opportunity to gain an introduction into these Martial Arts Concepts for Health and Vitality.

Ed Berry’s students will then have a foundation to take their Qigong and Tai-chi practice to a higher level.